Bobsled training

Bobsled training requires intense all years work by all competitors. They must balance their weight with athletic performance for every run. Explosive speed is required to push a heavy bobsled that will reach speeds in excess of 130km an hour

Training for bobsled requires hours of sprint training and gym workouts to develop specific muscles that other athletes overlook. Legwork requires squats, power cleans, jump squats, box jumps, lunges and many more exercises. Competitors must also balance leg and upper body strength. However, upper body strength needs to be contained in order to prevent aerodynamic problems.

Teams often do three of four gym workouts a week and consume over 5000 calories a day to maintain their weight. The ideal weight of a bobsled competitor should be between 215 and 235 pounds (97kg to 106kg) to maintain the fastest pushing speed possible.

Bobsled competitors often come from other sports and do tryouts to see if they are suitable. Sprinters, weightlifters and even footballers have all been part of bobsled teams.

The training for bobsledding is intense and competitors must make their body work efficiently within the limits of weight and aerodynamics. They must also maintain muscle for pushing and speed. This requires a delicate balance and training regime.