Bobsledding Gear for Maximum Safety

Bobsledding is likely on your bucket list if you’re a winter sports fan. The sport is fun and exciting but has its fair share of risks. For example, if you don’t wear the proper protective gear you risk getting injured during a run. That’s why it’s so important to always use the following safety gear:

A Top-Quality Helmet

A helmet is one of the essential pieces of equipment you should buy for bobsledding. It protects your head and neck and keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable in a confined space.

Many different types of helmets available today offer different levels of protection. The most important thing about choosing which style works best for you is ensuring that it fits appropriately before buying anything else.

Double-Ball Bearings

Double-ball bearings reduce friction, which is a significant cause of bobsledding accidents everywhere. They’re even more critical than standard ball bearings because they’re built into the sledge’s steering mechanism and brake system. The best way to ensure your safety while sledging is by using double-ball bearings on all your equipment.

Hip And Head Padding

Padding is critical for comfort and safety. If you spend hours on the sledge, especially in cold weather, padding will keep you warm and comfortable. To ensure that your padding is safe and effective, it should cover the hips, head, and shoulders.

It will protect those areas from impact with the ice when you crash or slide out of control at high speeds. The best type of material for hip pads is synthetic suede because it is durable but easy-care—you can wash off any dirt or debris with a hose or spray bottle as needed without damaging either fabric fibres or electronics (such as cameras).

Risks Of Not Having the Proper Gear

As with any sport, there are risks associated with bobbing around in giant metal tubes. Some of these risks include the risk of injuries to the bobsledder, injury to other people in the area and you could also seriously hurt yourself.