Key Bobsledding Olympic Winners of the Last Decade

Bobsledding is an ice sport that was invented in the 1860s. This game requires teams to make timed runs through narrow, twisting, iced tracks on a gravity-powered sledge. The two-man, four-man and two-woman are the only bobsledding events that take part in the Olympics. Here are some of the most recognized bobsledding Olympic winners of the last decade.

Francesco Friedrich

Francesco is a German bobsledder who was born on 2nd May 1990. He has been in the game since 2006. He is the fifth pilot in Germany to win the four-man and two-man gold medals in the same Olympic Games. He achieved this record in 2018 when he won these races at the Winter Olympics in South Korea.

Oskars Melbardis

Oskars was born on 16th February 1988. He has been an active bobsledder since 2006. He won the gold medal in the four-man bobsledding event in the 2014 Olympics. He is also the most decorated bobsledder in Latvia.

Justin Kripps

The Canadian bobsledder was born on 6th January 1987. Justin has been participating in this sport since 2006. He won the two-man bobsleigh competition in the 2018 winter Olympics where he shared scores with Francesco Friedrich.

Mariama Jamanka

The German-born bobsledder was born on 23rd August 1990. She won a gold medal in the two-women bobsledding event in the 2018 Olympics. She became a pro bobsledder in 2012. The great bobsledder has also had success in the world championships and the European championships.

Kaillie Humphries

Kaillie is a Canadian bobsledder who was born on 4th September 1985. She won the two-woman bobsledding event both in 2010 and the 2014 Olympics. She became the first woman bobsledder to successfully defend her title in the Olympics in 2014. Kaillie now represents the United States after she made the switch from Canada in 2019 due to abuse from the Canadian Bobsled Federation.