Changes to Bobsled Equipment

Early bobsled equipment was very basic and consisted of warm clothing such as gloves, jackets and boots to prevent frostbite from the wind. Many readers are surprised to learn that modern bobsled equipment is so extensive. Equipment meets the needs of all types of issues associated with steering bobsleds at the fastest speed possible. Here are some of the most important pieces of bobsled equipment.

Team members wear booties which are specially made racing shoes that are light and aerodynamic. The sole of a shoe cannot be more than 20mm (.78 inches) thick. Competitors also wear face shields which are attached to the front of their helmets. Face shields prevent injuries in the event of a crash and also stop windburn. Helmets are also a standard for all team members.

Neck straps are used to prevent injuries and hold the neck steady under high G-forces. Racing gloves made of thin leather materials and skin-tight speed suits are also part of every competitor’s equipment. Spikes attached to gloves and shoes allow for better grip of the ice during the takeoff of the bobsled.

Equipment is an important consideration for modern bobsled teams looking for a slight increase in speed and better aerodynamics.